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These articles were originally published in the Brighton Historical Society Journal. To read more stories like these, become a BHS member today.

The success of 2011's Bayside Literary Festival prompted us to discover literary figures who lived, worked and/or studied in the Bayside area, and as our Secretary, Elizabeth Paine, and I are both ‘old’ Star girls I looked to our Alma Mater for inspiration. For various reasons I have bypassed the obvious choice, Germaine Greer, and have alighted on the extraordinary writer, Anna Funder.

A search through the Society archives reveals a fascinating letter from a prominent colonial artist's daughter.

The founder of Brighton Grammar School, Dr George Henry Crowther, was a great community man who served for many years as a member of the council of Firbank Church of England Girls’ Grammar.

Many of Australia’s most important and innovative women artists were born and/or grew up in the Bayside area. Perhaps you know of them - Jessie Traill, Janet Cumbrae Stewart, Norah Gurdon, Clarice Beckett, Jean P. Sutherland, Jessie Evans and Margaret Baskerville?

The Ruddle drapery business was a prominent part of Bay Street, on the north west corner of Cochrane Street, from 1861 into the twentieth century.

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